Needs a kick up the butt!

I don't think i have ever been this lazy in all my life, procrastinating is slowly taking over my life!
I was working full steam ahead the whole way up to the big MK fair at the beginning of September  and since that has come and gone i have no work to show - and that has been nearly three weeks now!
What is wrong with me? The fair went so well which gave me a huge confidence boost, i have plenty of time to gather inspiration, i have been on a fabric shopping trip & a trimmings shopping trip - so i can't blame my laziness on not having the right tools for the job - and when i'm doing my day job, all i want to do is go home and make stuff! All i think about all day is quitting my rubbish full time job to do the shop full time, and i run so many ideas through my head of what i need to do first to be able to quit, and how things would all work out, so why have i not done anything about it! I want the shop to be my only job, more than anything and i would do anything for that to happen - so where has my drive gone!  The sales in the shops have been slightly down on average for a few months now so that should be pushing me to make some new exciting stuff to entice people in but my heads just saying - hey you've had a long day why don't you take yourself off to bed with the hot water bottle and watch american dad?'
NOOOO! what am i doing! If i want the shop to make enough money for me to quit working in a horrible dull office answering miserable phone calls all day i seriously need to do something about this!
I felt if i vent how i feel and read it back - maybe that's the boost i need - or maybe people read this and agree i am being lazy and rubbish and i need to get on with it!
And with that i am going to adopt these few mantras - and get the hell on with it!

Now off to organize my schedule that ive been putting off for weeks! I WILL DO THIS!
Grace Face xoxo