Winter Wardrobe Inspiration

So after my lazy rant post yesterday, i got on with organizing and gathered some ideas for winter clothes. I like the fact that i can make winter clothes when its actually winter, see what people are wearing and work from that, rather than working on a winter collection probably back in spring time like most stores and fashion lines do - i work a lot better under pressure and don't believe that i should be making winter clothes in summer just because the rules say so!
So i put together a little collage of styles and patterns i like to get me started...
So some people may look at this and think -well that looks a bit summery! Well some of the patterns may, but i'm thinking of mixing them with some lovely autumnal prints and colours. But again i don't believe that as soon as it hits the first of october everyone hides away there bright wardrobe in replacement of dull grey jumpers and brown boots! Everyone should always clash colours, be bright and where what they want! i still wear my summer dresses in winter but style them with thick tights and boots and a nice cable knit cardigan! I just wish people would get out of that style rut of thinking - well that looks summery and its winter now so i wont buy it, if you like it go for it! But to be a bit more conventional i have swayed to some of the deeper darker colours for my winter fabric choices - 
But couldn't resist the summery floral in the middle! My mum loves it and thinks that i should make it up anyway but i an skeptical and may leave it for next year :(

Now i am full of ideas and raring to go - can't wait to get tonnes of beautiful new pieces made up ready for the November MK fair, although Friday night is allotted date night so i will have to put the fabric scissors down for tonight!
Grace Face xoxo