After returning from a nice week of visiting art galleries and crazy nightclubs in Berlin, i seemed to have contracted the flu :( so the week i have off of uni, to catch up on shop work i literally spent in bed, which sounds nice but it isn't really, so ive pretty much wasted a whole week sleeping, and not feeling so great. Although tonight i finally decided to photograph the drabs of items that are not on the website yet along with a few things my mum has been working on this week - 

I am quite proud of my photography and photoshop skills here as these knitted hand bags look really good, good enough to buy i say!

Heres a knitted brooch my mums been working on, with some off white merino wool,

And a matching headband which ive been modelling, they look fantastic!

And some old stock i never got around to photographing...

And finally these crazy fish net like corsages, we have them in red and purple, although the photo looks a bit confusing, may go back and edit that! I think they look really cool, but again a little plain, any suggestions on tarting them up?
Off to upload these to the website then probably to bed early, as i feel no motivation tonight :(
Ill post some Berlin photos tomorrow?

Grace Face xoxo