I think sometimes having a blog is a chore, big fat chore. Then other times its nice to vent and to reflect and let go of everything, get things off of your chest, and usually, after blogging i do feel better.
So what have you been up to today Miss Grace Face?
Well not much - more disappointing.
Got up, showered and painted my nails. 
Then spent pretty much an entire day trying to find a topic for my final major project. I don't want to do anything too predictable or over used or simple. I was thinking antique furniture and funking it up, but i think it would be hard to find some antique furniture that i really like. 
I recall years ago, looking at a strange list of 100 things to do that fascinated me but i never saved it or anything what so ever, it just became lost in memory. Today i found this 100 ideas list and thought i'd base my final major project on these ideas, hoping a final piece will spring from one of these ideas -
So after writing a pretty poor statement of intent, as my idea is not the easiest to describe, i know exactly what i want to do in my head and raring to get started, but its not so easy to write down in a statement!
Now after wasting a day, im going to get down to some light business, seeings as ive done nothing all day im not exactly motivated to start now. I did promise some pictures from Berlin though!
View from the hostel window - encouraging!

People go to some great lengths for grafitti where we were staying!

Would have loved to have known what this sign said on the side of a building!

These images were murals on a wall stretching along the river, and this was what it was called!

Grace Face xoxo