NRC♥: Interview

A Lovely old friend of mine from back at school has posted an interview about me :)

Please check it out, a good interview i think!

On another note, whilst frantically trying to bid on loads of old stamps for a new project, i am afraid to say i have done no proper work for 3 WHOLE DAYS. and nearly 4, or possibly 5. I am disgusted in myself. Friday, got home finally from all the hectic work at university, and got my sister to dye my hair back to blonde. It took her 1 whole hour to apply hair dye, bearing in mind i don't have a lot of hair. this was a problem, resulting in platinum blonde parts and brassy yellow parts, so i decided id really need to try some old fashioned silver shampoo out. Saturday, no real work in the shop, just sat on the laptop all day, then came home and ate my mums sausage surprise. Sunday, went shopping in boots for silver shampoo. Surprise surprise they didn't have any in store, only online :( But we popped into sainsburys for some food shopping and damn me they had what i was looking for in there! Boo you boots. Can't really remember what i did Sunday afternoon but obviously not alot. Monday, dint wake up until 11am! my alarm stopped working so i was really annoyed. Washed my hair and by then it was lunch time. Then again sat around on the laptop seeing how many people had opened the 1st official newsletter and trying to swap my domain to the new website. 6 o'clock, went food shopping with mum. Had Dinner. Sat around on laptop again. Tuesday. Again alarm not working, didn't wake up until 10 am, and all Ive done since then is eat eggy bread and keep typing in to see if the domain had moved yet. Finally it has, but you'll have to bear with me as Thursday is the day for working on the new website so everything is down atm. Oh and I'm fighting nasty bidders for some old stamps on ebay - how do they manage to get that automatic bidding? Like as soon as i bid, they outbid me! what the hell! I want that perk! Its not fair. So i hope everyone is disappointed in me to. So disappointed it gives me a boot up the arse to do some work, i really need too, nearly 5 days without any work is absolutely despicable. Which means I'd better get off of this laptop now, i think it has been the main culprit in me not getting any work done, although it has been a little help, sorting a new website out and finding me some cheap purse frames!
Now i had batter find a picture to put on this blog post or else nobody will bother to read it so ill just go and find one ...
A knitted telephone - there you go!
Grace Face xoxo