Ferret Hats

Been a very busy week - managed to sew 17 purses with the help of my craft night buddy, and my they look good! We used some delightful quirky fabrics, with equally amazing fabrics for the linings, zip fastenings and tabs to add charms to keyrings to!

Now this is only one purse out of the 5 designs we made, as for some reason my camera deleted the photos of the other purses which is a bit annoying, but ill photograph them again on thursday so you can see!
Now remeber our santa hats mum has been making?
Well i saw this picture and it reminded me of a lady that bought a santa hat off of us a few weeks ago and said she was going to give it to her rat!
Winter Hats for Ferrets
Winter hats for ferrets - FerretLove on Etsy.
Well ive had a very lazy day, so im off to organise jobs for next weekend, but just before i go...

Grace Face xoxo