New Designs

So instead of working hard, ive been playing around with this idea for a new brand theme, to base the new website around. It took me ages to find the post franking stamps but i finally managed to get some of my own, and oh, arn't printers just about the most annoying machines in the whole world? Mine was convinced it had to eat all the paper and chew it up rather than printing on it, but this is what we have now!

I think they look pretty good if i say so myself!
Please let me know what you think! And please bear with me, i am in the process of creating a new, much better website which will have all the new items on it, and look bloody fantastic with the new theme, but please be patient, i am working on it, but for the time being, you can please yourselves by not doing the dreaded chirstmas wrapping ...
Yes, you read it correct! We are offering this service for our in store customers and for our online customers, but if you are buying online, again you will have to bear with me whilst i put the wrapping choices online!

And our final goodies, some limited edition christmas bags for you to take away today, well on thursday when i put the bags in the shop!
I am going to do some 'real' work now, or atleast try, im going to leave the web designing for my lonely thursday in the shop!
Grace Face xoxo