New Season Liberty

I have been a fan of liberty and its prints for a long time, and quite often buy fabrics for Grace Face that are similar to liberty prints. I am not sure whether it’s their use of colour or detail but I can always pick out a liberty from a distance, and am always drawn to them!

Here is a few of their new season Tana Lawn which I am coveting at the moment…

Junes Meadow B Tana Lawn

June's Meadow B Tana Lawn from the Liberty Art Fabrics collection

This would make a really cute summer dress; the red is such a nice bright colour.

 Junes Meadow C Tana Lawn
June's Meadow C Tana Lawn from the Liberty Art Fabrics collection.

This is another colour selection from the June’s Meadow selection, and I think this would make a really good sleeveless shirt, but at £22 a metre, it would defiantly be one I would keep for myself!

Travelling Threads A Tana Lawn

Travelling Threads A Tana Lawn from the Liberty Art Fabrics collection.

I am always fond of quirky prints and especially this one.
This particular design is created by Debbie Smyth, who is synonymous with her thread drawings, created by stretching a network of threads between accurately plotted pins. Liberty commissioned Debbie to create her beautiful thread embroideries based on London Transport and adorned with stitched florals.
This would make and equally great skirt or dress – maybe a shirt dress?

How strange that they have this on the website too!

Cream Travelling Threads Liberty Print Blouse



    Love it - but not the price so much!

    I would buy all of the above prints in a heartbeat if I had the money, but with them all coming in at £22 a metre, I might have to save my pennies for these ones! People may moan at the price of these gorgeous fabrics but I think that the price makes them even more exclusive and special!

    Grace Face xoxo