Notebooks and snoods

Due to the lovely long weekend i get this weekend, i am hoping to get lots of lovely things made, mum already started before she went away for the weekend...

Here is 2 of mums lovely snoods, they have had a lot of likes on facebook already so i am hoping they will be just as popular in the shops! My favourite is the bird design - goes really well with my bright pink jumper!

And another batch of fabric covered notebooks - i have only managed to get the left overs from the fairs in the shops so hopefully i will manage to get a nice selection in this weekend!

And i made these lovely bracelets as bridesmaids gifts, and i think they look lovely so i may consider making a twist on these for the shops too :)

You guys also may have noticed that i feature a lot of products on here that aren't available to buy on the website so hopefully i will have a second to do that this weekend too!

Have a great Easter everyone,
Grace Face xoxo