Working on recently...

Well we went shopping for fabric the other weekend, and this is our new selection!
I have actually started using some of it straight away - usually new fabric hangs around for a while until it becomes 'old fabric', but you should see some new stuff coming out soon - there is actually a few new garments in the new fabrics in Most Marvellous Northampton.

Been making some more of my best sellers - our 'admit one cat' ticket brooches always sell out no matter where they are - so i decided to make quite a few! ...

I don't think i will run out any time soon!

Some of our other best sellers are the cord bracelets - so i have made some more of the old favourites and a sneaky new one in there!

I have also started using a new add on for my iphone for taking pictures - its called an 'Olloclip 3 in 1 photo lens', macro, fish eye and wide angle, and yeah you can see the results here - this image was taken on an Iphone 4s with the macro lens attached. Pretty nifty bit of kit i think!

Got those journals i was working on a few weeks ago to finish now so off i go!

Grace Face xoxo