So I have been working on these journals for quite some time – initially as an xmas gift range, but I always get so busy around xmas time I just never got round to making them, but they are finally finished!  Yay!

I have always wanted to work on my own journal, and even bought a lovely scrapbook and journaling ephemera after Christmas to get started on my own, and they are all still sitting on a pile on top of my printer waiting for me to get creative L
I thought it would be a nice idea to inspire others to do the same (not procrastinate – but make some lovely things!) And document ideas, inspiration, recipes to try, or a creative diary type exercise is something I would like to try – like a page a day.

So I bought some really good quality a5 sketchbooks (at a good price I might say!) Not the cheap nasty toilet roll paper books you get from pound land,
And covered them in two of my favourite fabrics, and appliquéd a vintage style label and finished with a selection of buttons. The journals feature a gingham ribbon tie – essential for keeping all your bits in one place!

Inside I have decorated the journals with a page of vintage style stickers on the left, and a page from an old notebook on the right, the back cover features a brown paper envelope for keeping little things like tickets and receipts safe – I think every notebook should come with an envelope in it – I am forever picking up notes that I have stuffed in my notebook and have fallen out all over the floor.

I have also created a ‘journal scrapbook kit’ which initially I was going to sell with the journals but thought people may not want both so I am now selling separately, and comprise of a selection of the following –
·         A set of stickers
·         A small, medium and large paper envelope
·         A floral card
·         5x brown luggage tags large
·         5x brown luggage tags small
·         5x cream luggage tags
·         A selection of stamps from around the world
·         5x small paper doilies
·         5x large paper doilies
·         Airmail envelope
·         Cream ruled notebook page
·         3x ruled white cards
·         And finally a selection of pastel coloured buttons

Both of these will be available in store and online at £11.50 for the Journal and £4.75 for the kit.

I really love the idea of creative journaling – I hope others do too, please send me your pics if you do decide to buy one and try it out J

Here are some ideas of what you can do with yours  - I just nicked a load of photos from my pinterest! – (you can follow me here –
Transparent Mason jar treasuresbird journal pagemail artbirds on ledgerExchangeSparrowsmash book #journal #scrapbookBeautiful Art Journal

This is defiantly what I had in mind for mine, but I would love to see what you do with yours!