Working Sunday

So yesterday i had PJ day, which was very nice, but it wasn't all chilling and lazing about watching friends on comedy central (ok i did for a little bit!)
But i was also very busy!

So Ive been working on a new collection! The pastel floral collection, colourful resin roses set in scalloped antique bronze settings, and will feature stud earrings, hair slides, a necklace, a bracelet and a ring (still waiting on the components for the rings) I was unsure whether they would be too summery for this time of year but i think they are just so pretty!

I have also been working on some fabric covered journals - sketchbook style. This one is just a prototype to see whether my idea worked, with attaching the fabric etc, and yes it did work the way i wanted so there will  be more on the way! I am also going to decorate some of the pages inside with memory envelopes, tags and stamps / stickers to inspire people to use the journals to there full potential! This one turned out so nice i might just keep it for myself!

Grace Face xoxo