MK Handmade Vintage

Ok, so i returned from a very busy and tiring weekend at the Milton Keynes Handmade and Vintage fair, over a week ago now and only just got round to blogging about it. Now some may think - you deserve a rest, so so, or others may think i have been super busy re-stocking! But no no, i have been one lazy so and so and done - not a lot!

Monday i had the day off and did some much needed charity shopping therapy and bought a tower of lovely old books - the aged pages would work lovely in collages, etc, but the hand backs look too beautiful to tear apart!

I then proceeded to have quite a lazy week - not really doing alot of making at all! Packed up a few orders and answered some emails, but that was the lot!

Saturday came and we took a trip (me, mum and dad) to a wonderful fabric shop in London. 
I always buy tonnes of fabric from these guys when we go to The Knit & Stitch Exhibiton and the Sewing for Pleasure at the NEC, so we decided to visit there shop, we couldn't wait 4 weeks to see them at the show so we made a special trip,
and bought these goodies!
So i will get round to making some lovely dresses out of these this week!
My mum has been busy too!
very proud of her :)

The good news we have is that we will be back in Milton Keynes for the 3 day spectacular Christmas fair :)
but if you didn't see us - here's a few pics of the weekend...

Off for my dinner now :)
Grace Face xoxo