New Heritage Collection

So where have i been for a while?
Well, working on a new collection of course!
I've been evaluating my current work and realised that if i had to take all my work to another retailer and try and sell my work to them - it just wouldn't work, its not a cohesive collection, and more to the point - the work I'm making is not saying what i want to say.
So on a big overhaul i would like to present my new idea to you - my Heritage Collection!

I've only just started work on it, so that's why there is only one example on the image, but i thought it would be better for customers to bring out a few items from the collection every week than overwhelm people with tonnes of new products all at once! This way i can phase out the old products that don't really fit in with our design ethos, and phase in the amazing new products! I also have another new collection i have in mind, which i will start working on later in the year. I won't give much away but I'll tell you the title on the collection - 'Inspirational Quotes' - which i have some ideas on which are going to look great!

I've also been having some problems with my Photoshop programme recently - i had to revert to using photo shop again since Picnik (online photo editing software) got bought out by Google and then got canned :( i find Photoshop very irritating to use at times, especially when i only need to use a few simple edits, and i don't really have time time to spend on Photoshop - i don't want to get carried away!
But now I've found a new - even better  (and better looking) version of Picnik -
Its very aesthetically pleasing and very easy to use. I love the collage building feature - especially as i don't know how you can do this on Photoshop! So Emma has been a very happy bunny this week! 

And to top it all off our Towcester branch of Grace Face is doing amazingly well - way better than we expected! Still need to upload some photos of Towcester & of Northampton (we have redecorated!) Ill put that on my to do list now!

Better think of getting to bed - back to work again tomorrow after the lovely wet long weekend (well extra long weekend for me - i had all of last week off of real life work as well!)

Grace Face xoxo