Easter Sunday

Update from Grace Face HQ ...
Mums having a go at the cute little girls dresses - (she took the idea on as i said i don't make clothes that are for people skinnier than me as it makes me jealous!)
And also some cute little pom pom sheep for Easter that all need a good home!
And i've finally over come my hate for facebook and updated the Grace Face facebook page to this new design layout thing, safe to say it does look much better now i have put this 'cover' photo up!

I so need to get a move on to upload these photos! its so hard to get a balance of making and promotion!
Other exciting news of the week - Grace Face Boutique has decided to open a new shop, with the Most Marvellous team over in Towcester, at the Bell Plantation,http://www.bellplantation.co.uk/ We managed to bag a window space, so we are really excited about our new location! We will still have the shop at The Most Marvellous Place to Shop in Northampton, so were both in a panic now to make enough stock to open the new shop in about 4 weeks!So i should probably get off of the laptop and start making!

Grace Face xoxo