Fashion Find

I was trawling, wasting time as you do, i'm actually waiting for my mum to finish with the fabric that i need when i spotted this,
With my mouth wide open, i realised i have this in my fabric stash, and not just a little bit, i have 10 metres of it! Definitely know I'm working to the trends now! Seeing this has made me think i should make something with it sooner than later now! And defiantly given me a boost from my slump of not really doing anything this week!
Also got a text from Paul Cox saying my photos were on their way, along with a skirt that i had left at his place as well, hopefully they will be here by the weekend and i can have a good look at them over the weekend!
I have also been trialing a less fussy background for my jewellery and accessory photos, as seen in my last blog, and have decided to go along with the idea and replace all the photos with this method, (i just love making more work for myself!) Not sure when i will start this, but i need to soon as i want to open up an Etsy shop and use the new photo layout on there, which is another job i will get round to eventually!
Off to make some purses,
Grace Face xoxo