Quote of the day- get it while you can. In all senses of the word. Grab life and abuse it to its full potential, while you still can. Theres one thing i've learnt today. Oh and, buy the shoes when you first see then, because they won't be there when you go back! Little annoyed. Oh, and hi mum! now a regular reader of the blog :)
Not much to post today, unfortunately, not very productive as planned, late start but a lovely night at the cinema and a meal out, have not talked so much in a very long time! But tomorrow will be more productive, going to collect photos from the last shoot :) so new clothes should be up on the site by the weekend, followed by more clothes soonish as quite alot of the clothes from the last shoot were one offs, so lots of new stock coming soon (ish!) Very tired tonight so might crash a little earlier than usual! Just leave you with a few pics i've been meaning to post for a while, like this very cute rabbit, with a moustashe!

Andrew Bannecker- Barney

And a pretty cool zipper pond in Taiwan! Looks very tranquil and peaceful :)

Goodnight, Grace Face xoxo