Blogging Before Bed - For Real

1.53am, settle down to blog, still has book to read. Although this may seem like a bad idea, 'oh you should get some sleep' i am happy, ive stuck to my schedule today (well nearly, sticking to the plan more than im used to is good enough for me) Ive been to university, been to work and managed these bits as well!
The grand plan for some rosettes,

In the mean time mum was making these cute brooches, just a little silly for the shop, considering we are located in The Fish Market, we thought we would make some souvenirs! People used to come into the shop and ask 'where's the fish?' so now we have an answer! 

Apologies for the really rubbish photo, these photos were taken with my iphone, was closer to me than my camera, but this is the rosette end result, will post web images later on in the week, because this just doesn't do the brooch any justice! Was thinking about putting these rosettes onto some simple flats from Primark, for some serious sexy shoe action!

And finally a daisy ribbon bracelet with t-bar fastening, really delicate and dainty, up-cycled from a headband i had and the elastic had snapped! Oh and a nice shot of my really pretty diary! Something i can't live without, crave organisation!

I was going to explain my final major project in more detail, to get you all excited, obviously! But i think ill keep you waiting a little longer!

But to finish i thought i'd include a photo i found on my phone when i uploaded these photos...
This was a cola and orange drink, bought from Lidl in Berlin, for just 39 cents, not sure what it tasted like, never tried it, but i reckon it was worth 39 cent just for the name!

Goodnight for now,
Grace Face xoxo