Researching for University.

So, rather stuck on ideas for university project - brain comes to a stand still 2 weeks before project deadline - well done noggin. But, in my moment of depression, aimlessly searching the piles of junk on the web, i did find some pretty cool work on Natalie Green's Flickr site -

quite reminiscent of Claire Coles wallpapers which i am in love with!


digital detail



You can have a look at some more of her amazing designs -

But back to Natalie Green's Flickr, whist i was having a browse at her Claire Cole inspired pieces, i read her 'about me' section where she described that she is 'totally obsessed with Eduardo Recife' So i thought i would go and have a look,
(Burton Snowboards 2006)
This was an inspiring message, until i had a look at some more of his work,
Client: Serafina

Project: Magazine Cover (without the Type/Logo) (2010)

Client: Best Fashion Magazine
Project: Interpretation of Parfume Bleu. (2010)

Client - Fast Magazine.

Client: Luiz Henrique Vieira
Project: Website. (2005)

But anyway i think i had better stop here before i get carried away, although these images are amazing, they are not going to get me a decent grade in my art foundation alone!
Probably doesnt help that i didnt get to sleep until 2 in hte morning as i could draw myself away from editing images of the new stock for the website - 
Script Bow Keyring - £2 Grace Face Boutique

Herbert The Heart Knitted Keyring £2 - Grace Face Boutique

So now you've has some of my inspiration and ive kept you topped up with some new stock, i'm off to do some uni work, a couple of samples would be nice for tonight, then some more work on the website before bed! Lets hope i get some sudden motivation and get loads done!
Grace Face xxx