Long Time No Blog

Bad girl. No blog for one million years. Must punish myself. Right new year new start... bla bla bla. new regime, getting up early, going work til i drop, yeh not happening, i either keep getting distracted or just being plain lazy, like not getting up until quarter past 10 today :( and i have 8 garments to make for weds, sounds enough time, but i have university work too :( not doing so well. So im going to firstly call o2 and moan at them about there rubbish phones (long story, and probably a long time wasting phone call) and then i will crack on.
ill leave you with these,

Have you seen these pencil sculptures?  They’ve been floating round the internet a bit lately but I can’t get over them.  These miniature wonders are created by a man called Dalton Ghetti who gives them away to his friends.  Yep, gives them away.  Amazing x

see you soon - grace face xx