Another Monday

Another monday, and a time to start fresh from a very hectic weekend! thursday was going really good, i managed this amazing piece -
Until my friend Emily did this - 
So we were down A&E for ages :(
But we did get filmed for Bizarre Er! Which will be on BBC 3 in January - so keep your eyes peeled!
After that event, we had a lovely meal at the Mandarin Buffet in Northampton, where they serve all the food out of a big boat, sounds bizarre but it looked beautiful!
Friday was a trip to London to buy fabrics! Some liberty prints, jerseys, printed cottons, will post up soon with my ideas for it!
We also saw Daisy Lowe in American Apparel in Portobello with her little dog - there was our  claim to fame for the day!
So very tired after getting back at about 11 that night, work the next day then a night on the tiles was in order with the bestie, home in at 5am, up for train at 7am for the Knit and Stitch.
Train from Northampton to Euston, walk from Euston to Kings Cross, train from Kings Cross to Ally Pally Station, then a bus up the hill to Alexandra Palace, but it was worth all the travelling, for the bargain wool and gorgeous fat quarters i got! Again will post with ideas shortly.
So tonight im taking quite a slow one, although i am very excited about starting on all this fabric im just still so tired, so blogging, ironing the bed for me!
Oh and this is the progress on my a1 sheet of spirographing that i managed today - 
Still got quite a way to go!
Well my ironing is calling!
Goodnight - Grace Face xoxo