Time Flies!

I am a terrible blogger! i make a note to myself every day to write and i never do! i am just to damn busy! Ah well 1 week and i can have a well deserved rest!
I am trying very hard to get loads of clothes made up to stock up the shop whilst i am away but failing miserably! i was going to get three different sorts of tops done today, and how many have i done? Zero! and ive been up since 7, but instead ive been chauffering people around, buying envelopes, posting orders, looknig for holiday shorts and playing with dogs, so i very productive day ive had! i am debating whether to a, stick at it and make 3 tops in 1 night or b, go to a house party and go mental?! i can't decide! i feel like i shouldnt be letting my hair down as i get to do that for two whole weeks next week but i feel quite deflated! So for the time being i am going to stop wasting my time on the computer and make a decision!
Peace xo