Busy Bee

Ah i have been a busy bee updating all the sale items in the shop and online! Took me years due to the fact that the internet kept on cutting out as well, not helpful!
Although now most earrings are down to just £1 and clothes are mostly half price! i need to clear stock to make way for the new clothes i am suppost to be making when i get my overlocker back! Ive got a feeling i wont get them all finished in two weeks before the big holiday! which will be a disaster as the shop will then be empty for 2 weeks! argh its all a disaster, and they still haven't even looked at my overlocker let alone fix it! i am going crazy! haha.
on a nicer note i am loving the amazing painted lions they have in Northampton town centre, my favourate it the Rennee Macintosh lion!

There is a gallery of some of the other lions on the bbc news website!

Well fingers crossed i can get my skates on to sort the shop out in time, i wish i didnt have to work all the time at my other jobs, then they wouldnt be holding me back!
Maybe i need to start roping the family members in!
well ill leave on a nice image of these crazy looking flowers that are growing in my garden, i love the clashing colours, gives me inspiration to make a long floaty maxi dress in the pattern!