Studio Tour

So it has been a little while so i thought i would treat my followers with a little studio tour!
Now you may be thinking 'that looks a lot different from the last photos we saw of your studio'
And yes, that's because it is different. A few weeks ago i moved back to Northampton, long story that i am frankly bored of telling everyone, lets just say living arrangements didn't quite work out so i back home, and back to my old studio, which is nice. I can work in my pj's all day if i want to, and sing along to the radio and not get embarrassed if people hear me! And i did get a little creeped out by people staring at me work in the shop studio in St Ives!

So back to the tour, welcome to the Grace Face Studio! This is the corner where i do most of my work, as you can tell - that is my leather 'boss chair' and nice tidy piles of fabric, they aren't usually that tidy but i thought i should do my best to make them look neat if i would be sharing my space with guests.

Here is my machine which was a birthday present to myself last year. For years i had been sewing on either a basic brother machine (seen at the far right) or an 80's singer, which were alright but i yearned for some of that fancy sewing technology like a knee lift (that's that funny thing coming out of the bottom of my machine) it's actually really useful for lifting the foot up without using your hands! Other really useful features in this computerised machine include a setting that allows you to stop sewing with the needle down for easy turning - i tell you its the future guys!

My little ikea trolley with all of my trimmings. Also it looks like the walls are made of doors, they aren't but they may as well be - there are 4 doors into and out of the studio!

And my little helper which isn't really that helpful when he keeps pulling fabric off of the shelves and thinks its really funny if you chase him around with it!

This is the really noisy but nice looking clock my mum bought for the studio which actually serves no purpose, considering my phone and laptop are always on - and both tell the time. And also can you spot the old scrabble box? Its my mums also, probably vintage by now, and not quite sure why it is stored in the studio, we never play.

Now i like having my buttons all out in the open where i can see them, but i didn't enjoy trying to transport these back, like this, from Cornwall. Lets just say it look my and my mum a few hours picking buttons out of the wrong compartments.

A few little bits of artwork, first is the 2 keep calms my dad made us a few Christmases ago, and the one below is a hanging by the lovely Polkadot of Winslow
And that isn't a giant toilet roll on the top shelf, if that is what you were wondering!

Also my 2015 year planner (which i was scared to write on for weeks in fear of ruining it) from Angie Spurgeon. I've clearly got some more planning to do because i don't look very busy!

And last but not least my little companions that sit above my desk :)

Hope you enjoyed the tour of my little studio, until next time ...

Grace Face xoxo