Grace Face has moved!

Yes, i have been quiet for a while, especially on here!
But for the past month i have been busy with something completely unrelated to business, but a big life change none the less.

A couple of months back i made a life changing decision to move myself, little Albie (pug, not baby!) and my business from Northampton to St Ives, Cornwall.

Although business was going well in my home town of Northampton, i felt i was spreading myself too thinly trying to stock 4 shop areas, get custom orders done on time, as well as getting ready for fairs and working in a fabric shop 2 days a week, i never had time for myself let alone work on new products and everything started to become a drag, i was loosing sight of what the business was all about. I definitely needed a change.

I and my partner went on a short holiday to St Ives a while ago and just fell in love. We stumbled across a lovely flat on the wharf overlooking the harbour for a steal, and the day after found a shop / studio area less than 1 minute away from where we were going to be living, everything fell into place, we felt like it was meant to be!

This week we celebrated a month since we moved which reminded me i haven't updated all my loyal followers on my big news...

I opened the Grace Face Boutique Studio and Shop a few weeks ago and it has so far been a big success!
i was unsure to begin with about what the locals and of course the tourists would think of Grace Face but i think its safe to say they love it! My rail is nearly empty and i have been selling out of some items so i think that a pretty good start!

So i am now spending most of my time in the studio shop, sewing and selling, and when i am not there i am back home cutting out dresses to sew (the shop is a little too cosy to cut and sew!) or taking walks on the dog beach with Albie.

So what does this mean to you guys?
Well i am not stocking any of the shops that i was back in Northampton any more as it is just impossible logistically!

  • The Most Marvellous Place to Shop - Northampton & Towcester
  • Lollyrocket - Kettering
  • Blighty Bazaar - Leamington Spa
You can still find a few select items at the ArTearoom in Pottersbury, but apart from that the only place to stock Grace Face is now my shop in St Ives.

Don't worry, you don't have to travel to the end of the county to still get Grace Face Goodies - i will be putting all of the shop stock on to my online shop in the next couple of weeks, and i am still taking custom clothing orders through the website as normal.

I am also still doing the quarterly Milton Keynes Handmade Vintage fairs, next one being the 31st Oct - 2nd Nov, and also a weekend event at Sywell Aerodrome on 27th - 28th Sept.

I hope i haven't left anyone disappointed about a Grace Face move, i definitely don't see it as a negative, i live in a lovely place with lovely sights, surrounded by inspiring art galleries and artists & i get to make and sell all day which is what i really missed about leaving my shop in the Fish Market and going to rent spaces in other shops. I couldn't think of anything better, my time is now more focused on business, i feel more energised and am excited to start new projects (now i have the time) and also more relaxed, now i have a separate studio i can lock the door, come home for the evening and chill with a cuppa, the biscuit tin and a marathon of the latest series (currently The Following - if you don't know have a google!)

Keep your eyes peeled in the next couple of weeks for the relaunch on the online shop (just waiting for Talk Talk to install our home Internet!!) and also some new products i am working on, don't want to give too much away but i have some new heavy weight fabrics which will be making an appearance!

Miss Grace Face xoxo

P.S - Find the new shop here!

Grace Face Shop & Studio
Sloop Arts Market
St Ives
TR26 1LS