Milton Keynes & Stamford Fairs

As promised, some photos from the Stamford fair & also from the big Milton Keynes fair the week after.
We will be back in Milton Keynes in September, the 7th and the 8th, and are hoping to go back to Stamford in the near future!
I bought mum a tiny little mannequin to display her gorgeous dresses - so 'Emily' had her debut at Stamford!

As did these new necklaces!

A new batch of snoods came out at Stamford too - and sold very well! The light blue bow one in the photo was my fave and some straight away (the only one!)

Our lovely mannequin dress at Milton Keynes sold within the first hour - good job i bought another tiny one with me to replace this one.

A selection of our display.

A nice full table display.

New pendant brooches.
My dad helped us out at Milton Keynes as well by making the cutest origami dress bunting - it had a lot of interest so we think we might have to put him on the payroll to make some more!

All of the new dresses on display.

Our famous notebooks.

Our new quote purses sold like hot cakes - i can't make these quick enough.

Not many bows left at the end of the weekend!

Spending money purses

Our washing line of dresses got a lot of attention.

These were the selection of snoods we started with on saturday...
And this was the selection of snoods at the end of Sunday - we didn't go home with many!

And finally not to mention the cushions i whipped up.
I hope those photos were enough to keep you enticed! I still have a few silly alterations and what not to do for people before i get going again on stock for the next fair, but i will be back shortly with what i am working on next :)

Grace Face xoxo