I just wanted to make an apology to all my online followers for my apparent lack of timely updates on the web front.
It is always so incredibly busy in the Grace Face Studio, I tend to neglect the online shop, website, facebook and blog page, in favour of making loads of new stock to keeping the 3 shops we supply full, as well as orders, fairs, enquiries for 2 new stockists I am working on, as well as some more bridesmaids dresses which need to be ready for a lovely august wedding. It is a lot to keep up with for one person, but I realise that my online presence is just as important as the ones in the bricks and mortar shops. What is the good in making so much wonderful stuff if you guys can’t even see it!

Its a hard job trying to keep all the shops looking tidy and full! 

Anyway, after a very busy weekend next weekend – (We will be back at the Milton Keynes Handmade and Vintage fair, located outside John Lewis in thecentre MK, all day Saturday and Sunday) and a sneaky little holiday after that, I endeavour to come back with all new updated website loveliness and to keep you loyal customers and followers better updated with the goings on at Grace Face HQ, especially with the clothing side. My favourite things to make are vintage inspired garments, but nobody would ever know as I never advertise it! I think the thought of all the effort of photographing the clothes, either on a mannequin or setting up a photo shoot seems like a lot of hard work but I really would love to share all the gorgeous dresses I make with you! 

These are the dresses waiting to be labelled up and taken to the fairs before going into the shops.

I know that I love to keep up to date with all the other wonderful designer makers I follow, I’m sure you guys would like the same, and hopefully by having a bigger, better online presence will bring with it lots of new customers and stockists (well we will see!)
In the mean time I am in a mad rush (as usual) to get as much stock ready for the fair this weekend (Stamford) and for next weekend  (Milton Keynes), so I must get back to my dear sewing machine!

Look forward to updating you soon!
Grace Face xoxo