weekend away...

So i had a lovely belated birthday weekend away, very tired now though! I trawled all of the weekend markets (Spitalfields, Brick Lane and Columbia Road as well as a visit to Camden Stables) and i was largely disapointed at the lack of variety! Most of the stalls i saw were people selling an identical range of a dozen or so cheap market quality dresses, and just as many stalls selling cheap antique bronze watch locket necklaces from china ( i know how cheap you can buy these on ebay! although the sellers probably buy them direct from china) and i just got bored. There was hardly any unique quirky one off stalls selling hand made. I mean what happened to the days when people were making and selling there products on stalls! I wish i could wage a one woman war on this, but there is just not enough time in the day, i just hope people support the likes of me, and the other crafters, designer makers out there that are trying so hard to get out there in the market, but just get pushed out by the cheap imported crap you find at these places!
highlights of the weekend

stayed at 40 winks hotel 

Well anyway, rant over! apart from that i did have a nice weekend, cold, but good! Enjoyed some gorgeous macaroons, stayed in a lovely hotel call ed 40 Winks in East London, and gazed at the million lovely singer sewing machines in the windows of All Saints.

And now my legs are so tired from walking around the whole weekend - tonight i am just chilling!

Grace Face xoxo