weekly feature - Fridays favourite findings #1

So last week i decided on doing a weekly blog feature based around my favourite handmade items but couldn't think of a title for the feature, but this week i present to you Grace Face Boutique's - 

Fridays favourite findings!
This weeks spotlight is shining brightly on Alice Tams and her wonderful shop -Birds in Hats.
I was instantly drawn to these cheeky illustrations of different birds wearing different hats because i love love love birds, i mean who doesn't aye!
But the element of the hand drawn  really caught my eye, 
especially the fact that all the little birds seem to have some sort of smile on there faces, which makes me happy.
This amazing concept is just the right amount of cute, quirky and colourful.

Here is all of my favourite birds compete with there hats!
Blue Tit in a Top Hat: A6 'I Like You' Birds in Hats card
Bird Tit in a Top Hat

Tree Sparrow in an Alpaca Hat: A6 Greetings card
Tree Sparrow in an Alpaca Hat

Penguin in a Fez - A4 archival quality print
Penguin in a Fez

I wish I could show you all of Alice's drawings because I love all of them! They're traditional and silly which is what makes them great. 
Birds in Hats images can be found as prints, pocket mirrors, magnets and greetings cards, and badges ranging from £1 - £12 and can all be found on Alice's Etsy Shop.
I am sure you will all love them all too!

Grace Face xoxo