Busy January...

So January is going to be a busy one for me!
We saw great sales in December - which has left the shops pretty empty, (good and bad!) i have had to a lot of spreading out!

 So I came up with what I think is a pretty good idea!...
In our Northampton shop - which is our biggest in space of all the shops we rent space off of / supply, I have decided to remove all the handmade clothing - just temporarily, don’t worry! And replaced them with pre-loved / vintage clothing. This all came about because I redecorated my bedroom over Christmas and bought a lovely new wardrobe. Although my new wardrobe is bigger than the previous, I thought it was a good time to sort out all the clothing that I have never worn / rarely wear, and what a great opportunity to make a little money out of them by putting them in the shop for awhile - only a little while though! With the shop looking nice and full of pre-loved / vintage clothes, this will give me time to make up loads of new pieces to put in for the 1st of February, without the shop looking empty.

I have been busy making already - I need to make a whole new rails worth of lovely clothes up in just 4 weeks! I think it is do-able!
Here is two I have already made - both 60's style boat neck tops. A simple style, the one on the left was actually my sample top - which came out really well! The print is of old sewing ephemera, which I love!
The second top is from a cotton I bought on eBay - now I love browsing fabrics on eBay - and sometimes buy, but am usually disappointed. Looking at fabric on a screen doesn’t give you an accurate representation of colours or texture, weight, thickness etc. which is why I am usually let down when the fabric does arrive. But this piece was a good choice, a reasonable quality cotton with a great vintage style print, rich colours and enough to make a top - what a bonus! If only the fabric was a little wider I could have probably squeezed another out of it!

I am trying hard to hone in on a particular style with the new pieces I am creating - before I would just go and make whatever I thought looked good, but might not always work with the collection. So I am trying to go for a 60's vibe with the styles of the garments - shift dresses, boat necks and collars, whilst staying cute-sy with the prints to go for a vintage feel rather than a retro feel - which can sometimes come across 'tacky'.

Well anyway - I should really be sewing right now rather than blogging - I have far too much to do!
I shall keep you posted on the new pieces and how they are coming along J

Grace Face xoxo