Where have i been!

So well over a week since the MK handmade vintage fair - and wow! We hit our target so me and mummy were very pleased! We made lots of sales, took some orders and ran out of business cards! That must be a good sign!
So here is a preview of the new ones i have ordered...

Well they actually arrived today - so they will be making an appearance soon!
I am still in that silly limbo period after doing an MK fair, where i still feel drained, but at the same time want to make stuff but haven't got back into the swing of things? It is  very frustrating. Part of me wants to be lazy because we did so well last weekend that my brains saying - take a break you did well! and the other part of me is saying - stop being so lazy you need to make loads more stuff for the shops for xmas!
So i after putting off lots of work for the past week - i feel its about time to get on with work, but i have to pick my parents p from the airport tonight, so ill start tomorrow! This keeps on happening! I just need a kick up the bum. I work alot better under pressure knowing i need to get things done. Our next fair isn't until the 1st so i feel i have loads of time even though i don't!
Anyway i still need to find some wintery fabric to make some new pieces for the shop - i have way to much summer fabric!
Ill leave you with a couple of photos from last weekend - thanks to everyone that came and purchased!
Grace Face xoxo