Fingers crossed best seller

It is that time of year again when we go crazy brainstorming ideas for our xmas best sellers. The past few years our best sellers have been scarves and snoods, so i am hoping to change it up this year with something a bit different!

When i began sewing many many years ago, i didn't have any kit of my own, and started using my mothers - which didn't have the best selection. As time went by i started to make my own kit, gathering from here and there, but i wish i had one of these to give me a kick start!

Presenting our sewing box collection in 3 sizes - matchbox, medium and deluxe.

The idea for the matchbox sewing kit came when i was asked if i had a needle and thread on my when i was out one day - my answer was no when it should have been yes!
'How on earth can a dressmaker not possess a needle and thread on them at all times?'

The matchbox sewing kit is perfect for throwing in your handbag (or man bag!) for travel or simply for use at home.
It comes complete with needles, pins, 2 different colours of thread, a selection of buttons, safety pins, and my ultimate favorite - the amazing folding scissors! I was very surprised at the quality of these scissors - for a pair so small, they can easily cut through fabric, all be it a small piece!

The idea for the medium boxes came when i was on holiday in Spain, looking through one of many Chinese bazaar shops (quite like a 99p or a pound shop) when i saw these small wooden boxes like treasure chests and thought - they would be good for a sewing kit!
These would be a great starter kit for any budding seamstress, or just as a thoughtful gift for a crafty friend.

The box contains, a selection of cotton threads, pins, needles, safety pins, an array of vintage buttons,a tape measure and again the trusty folding scissors!

And last but not least - the Deluxe Sewing Box!I enjoyed making these boxes up the most as i got a chance to be a bit more creative and decorate the lids with vintage sewing patterns and pretty birds!
These boxes contain not only essential sewing tools, but also a selection of ribbons and buttons to engage peoples creative side!
These boxes contain - a selection of 3 different ribbons / lace, a small box of pink and red buttons, a button card featuring a mix of vintage and new buttons, pins, needles, safety pins, a pair of scissors, a tape measure, tracing wheel, thimble, a selection of threads and metal clothes poppers.

So fingers crossed these will be this years best sellers - i think they are a great idea, i hope you do too!
These are available to but now at
but be quick - i only have a limited stock and i may not be able to make anymore up before xmas!

Grace Face xoxo