Away for a while...

A very long while! i thought i would snatch a quick few minutes to update this here blog!
Been super busy, i have a commission for 5 50's style bridesmaids dresses, my mum is worrying that i won't get them done in time! Busy thinking about the Milton Keynes Vintage & Handmade fair on the 8th & 9th of September - so making double of everything as well as starting my first collection that i was on about ages ago but have only just got round to starting! Oh and i was on holiday in sunny Spain for a week as well! So i do have some genuine excuses for not blogging!

My sister has been super busy with her earring making as well! - Some old favourites & some new ones :)

We have also been busy doing a little stall at our new shop in Towcester where i was making custom cord bracelets which went down a treat -

And i got a cheeky little custom order whilst i was there too!
So what else have i been making?
Well i've made these....
Gorgeous butterfly brooches - They are in both shops now, but i have decided not to put them up on the websites as it would take too long to upload them all individually and be to complicated to add options for people to choose which one they would like, so for the time being they are shop only exclusives!
(but if you really really want one - Email me :))
Well i would love to stay and chat some more but i have bridesmaids dresses to make!
Blog again soon ...
Grace Face xoxo