Well What Do You Do?

I have been doing a lot of thinking lately, and decided to re-evaluate the business. Whilst its my favourite thing to do, i can't support myself on the sole income of Grace Face, and whilst Uni was great fun, now I'm out in the big wide world of work where things get scary, especially when you have no money. My mum was kind enough to find me an admin job where she works and Ive decided maybe working full time for a little while might help me see things in a different light. Now you must be thinking that I'd have to stop making, but i think there could be some time to squeeze some in, ill get lifts with my mum to work so there's possibly 2 hours i could utilise in the car for making things that don't require a sewing machine - because that would be awkward! Then there's my lunch break to make small bits as well, then my evenings will be all free to make lots of wonderful things on the sewing machine, and still fit in time to see the boyfriend as usual on the weekends, so things don't actually look so grim after all, and in the end I'll be coming out with a substantial amount of money, which always helps. And whilst at the moment, i work at home most of the day then go to work in the evenings, which is nice, i do get distracted a lot and end up on facebook or looking on peoples blogs for way too long, so that means I'm probably only working properly for 7-8 hours, which I'm sure i could fit into a working day. I think this could work, but were going to give it a go anyway. Im not 100% sure if i could fit the clothes and jewellery all in, so to begin with I'm going to put the clothes on the back burner, as we do have an excess anyway, and focus on the jewellery and accessories side, and see if i have time to do the clothes after. At the moment i am trying to get 2-3 different garments done a week, but i could go down to 1 set a week, along with the help of my mum, i think that would be adequate and keep my customers interested right?

Well ill keep you posted on how it goes!

Grace Face xoxo