Guerilla Art-ing

So, whilst ive been away, i have been busy, not sitting on my bum watching Jeremy Kyle, as you may have thought i was, (although it can sometimes be very entertaining). But no, ill show you some pictures of whats been going on since art foundation, and let you know whats in store for Grace Face as well! 
Firstly, my first attempt at Guerilla art! Exciting!
I'm very proud of this! And i did check this weekend just gone, and it was still there! I hope that everytime someone sees this, they smile just a little bit!
Ok, now back to the subject at hand,
Grace Face Has Moved!
We have re located, from The Fish Market,  Northampton, to...
22-26 kettering road
Abington Square
nn1 4ah
Open monday - saturday 10am - 6pm
Sunday 11am - 4pm.
We are located in the basement, so please come and have a look!
I will post some pictures of our new shop soon! And we are now open every single day which is great for us! The only problem is, the shop area is staffed for us, so we dont have to be in the shop everyday, which is nice as we have more time to make tonnes of new goodies for you, but not so good as we dont get to see many of our fabulous customers! Although we are in talks about being in the shop at weekends to see you all and take custom orders!
Just to end, ill leave you with this little gem i'd found amongst the photos from my last trip to london,

 Very strange! Found the poster in a bus stop in Clapham Common! Now im off to stock the shop with loads of 'trinkety' jewellery, busy day!
Grace Face xoxo