Saturday Evening

I was sorting through the shop today and realised i don't have photos for half of the stuff in the shop! Terrible. I did find these ones that i should have put up weeks ago i just upload them and forget-

Some new fabric covered floral button rings, fully adjustable and won't tarnish, just £4 each, some cute little santa hats for your phone courtesy of mumma and a selection of tiny trinket bracelets to compliment the trinket necklaces at £3 each.
I have just finished some fabric covered button earrings and necklaces but it was too dark in the shop today to shoot them so Ive bought them home to shoot tomorrow when hopefully the sunshine will be out!

Now last weekend i got asked to make a custom top for a little boy, so this is the result!
A more masculine take on the mens tops i made about 2 years ago, using darker tones which i think works much better than the light blues i used before,
Sadly, the lady that has paid for the custom top didn't collect it today, and i think she may have forgotten, so if there is a Sally out there with a 5-6 year old boy without this awesome top, please come and pick it up!

Now an update on the projects, i attempted a a1 drawing sheet of cages to move on from the spirographs into looking at cages that are similar to a 3d version of a spirograph, i remember talking about this before, but i got half way with the drawing sheet - bearing in mind it took me a week to do half of a1 i decided to let go and only do an a2 sheet, which I'm annoyed about as i wanted to fill the page but at the same time i am running out of time!  1 week to go until assessment and i haven't even printed the fabric to create my spirograph dress and i have only just started the research for the next part, but this is a start ...

The progression from cages, to rib cages and the human form. I still have alot of work to do!
Finally, a small project i have been working on, which i only started at about 12 last night, so it took me about    2 hours at the max to make this cutie!
I have to give credit to Lisa Lam @ Uhandbag - for the fantastic tutorial and kit, i will definitely be making more of these, they are so simple yet so effective and stylish! My mum said she thinks it would look better without the buttons because the fabric is 'fancy' enough but I'm keeping this little beaut for myself so the buttons are defiantly a must to add to my quirkiness!

Now I'm hoping to catch up on the work i have been slow on today, as i had such a good night last night and got everything done i wanted to I'm trying to keep up the good work!
Goodnight for now
Grace Face xoxo