Saturday Day

Now i have finally finished my hectic week full of work im giving myself a little break this weekend catching up on some little jobs ive been meaning to do for a while. But first i wanted to show you what i'd made for my final piece -

3m of screen printed black cotton, magically transformed into a 60's style shift! lush. I'd love to keep it and wear it but the ink i used wasn't colourfast :( bad times. Although i can use the screen again so i may attempt to print more, but in the mean time i do have some cut off from the dress so possibly kiss lock bags? A good detailed print so im happy with that!
So with all that busy bee work at uni, i havent really had any time at all to sleep or breathe, but i did manage to squeeze these in!

hmmm yummy yummy lush keyrings! They are made from acrylic rectangles with angelina fibres and cut out butterflies from dictionaries or music books, aeroplanes and hearts from world maps and birds from old books, and finished off nicely to make them all shiney! Oh and a little pearl on the keyring for that extra bit of class, and they are only £1.50! Brilliant stocking fillers :)
Right so i have uni work out of the way (a little bit) for a week or so, and ive done plenty of jewellery and accessories for now, so i defiantly need to get some clothes made! I wish i hadn't left it this late, i really need to get more organised! I has been about a month since i bought all that gorgeous fabric in london, and shopped in portobello - 
Do you reckon its an original banksy? if so hes been copying our bag stickers!

Well that's me done for now!
Grace Face xoxox