Frieze art fair 2010 -
Apologise for the photo being the wrong way round! but it was an awsome piece, i am a terrible researcher though, as i didnt take down any names :( so ill just have to guess!

I am guessing this was a real swan encased in resin and marble dust, macarbre but beautiful at the same time.

Creepy Sleeping Beauty.

A Damien Hurst - A whole wall of fish encapsulated in formaldehyde. 

Colourful twist on macabre.

Gorgeous silver on top of rich blues - beautiful icy palette.

Ah and another inspiration - remember the spirograph work? I found 3d spiro's!

Thanks Homes Sense Northampton!

Now i keep on thinking of cheese on toast with tomato sauce so i cant wait any longer!

Grace Face xo