Doesn't it bug you when you get so in to your work you just don't want to stop? This happened today when Morrisons called up (other supermarkets are available) and explained that they really needed me or else the cake shop will fall apart, oh dear. And my car insurance is due the end of the month so i kind of need the money, so i decided to take the leap and help someone in need. But in return i had to stop this piece, which i was so engrossed in i was actually upset to walk away...

Well i was impressed anyway!
I just found some more photos of more water splashes from the brusho inks, I'm quite bored of seeing these photos now but at the time i thought they looked beautiful!
But moving away from the paint splodges, new earrings! Well just using up some bits an bobs Ive had from other projects, but i haven't done any earrings for a little while, so i thought i'd do these. 

To be honest i feel a little bogged down with the jewellery fiddling, a have a list that i cant never seem to cross anything off of it, and the jewellery projects will not disappear! maybe i should put the jewellery to bed for a little while whist getting some clothes done, ah I'm so indecisive, i never know what to do! i need an assistant, or a robot.

Of to a land of indecision's - 
Grace Face xoxo