Internet Dilemma!

I can never get any internet connection in this shop! One time, it took me from the time i got in to the shop until the time i left the shop and i still didnt get any internet connection!Ah anyways,a hectic day in the shop, moved all the shop around and got a new glass table! it looks so much better! Hopefully changing things around a bit will help sales, well i think it already has, as nearly everyone thats come in today has bought, well 2/3 maybe! And i think i've made a fair amount today, if a customer comes back with the rest of my moneys, and some bags :/

I found this on Etsy and thought, how true is that!

And just a little note to leave, i love this old ad campaign by the late Alexander Mcqueen, rest in peace. xo

(Its Actually advertising eye wear!)