Lazy Friday

The shop has been so quiet this week :( where has everybody gone!! I hope that it picks up tomorrow for The Bicycle Basket Bazaar (that is on every last Saturday of the month, in the Fish Market Northampton!) As it always fills the place with people willing to buy lots of lovely handmade goods! I bought some beautiful prints of some shoes for my studio last time, for only a couple of quid each! They are very inspiring!

Ah i wish i could run my studio from the shop as well. All day i was really excited about getting started on some body con skirts in a Paul Smith jersey, but i had to wait until i got home to start them! And now I've scoffed down a burger i feel really tired and deflated and have no energy to get on the sewing machine, which makes me really sad, because i was so looking forward to doing them! And there not too hard so i could probably get them in the shop for tomorrow, which would coincide with my 25% off skirts day so they would have gone down a treat! Awhhh i don't know what to do!

On a better note, my mum has been making these which are now in the shop and online at!